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    "A GREAT photo captures a moment that transcends the sum of its technical elements. It can have a mood that evokes an emotion of peace and tranquility or excitement and exhilaration. It doesn’t have to tell a story in a narrative way; it doesn’t have to have animals or people; or be taken in some exotic location. A great photo can convey a moment in time in such a way that puts the viewer in the present of that moment much like a good book can take you to places you’ve never seen before. Or, it may be that one photo out of a thousand that captures that moment of heightened tension between hunter and prey. It is the challenge and persistence of searching, capturing, and processing a great photo that is the art of photography.

    The challenge of capturing a great photo, is what the photographic artist is always striving for; it is what drives him out into the cold before the sun rises with the hope of capturing a scene during light’s golden hour or to obliviously consume an hour while gradually stalking an animal, earning its trust, so that it may be approached close enough to clearly photograph its natural behavior.

    I believe it is not the end result - a great photo - that drives the photographer, but instead the journey that comes with capturing it." - Jeff Waldorff

    Jeff, a Fort Walton Beach, FL native, has always enjoyed the outdoors. As a child, between riding his bicycle to Okaloosa Island, swimming in Cinco Bayou, and fishing in local rivers- he was fascinated by nature and the native wildlife. Often his mother could find him outside chasing bugs and lizards or in the house with his nose buried in one of his countless Wildlife & Nature Encyclopedias- that he still owns to this day. He always had closeness with nature that he carries with him today.

    After over 20 years working in the Engineering field, he decided to take up photography as a hobby. He purchased a digital SLR camera and fell in the love with the ability to control light and composition. He soon discovered the creative potential that digital photography offers and combined his new found photography skills with his passion for nature. With his camera in tow, his old childhood passion was rekindled and he soon found his adventures relaxing and therapeutic. When speaking about his photography, he states that, “Nature is an art all in itself. I enjoy capturing the simplicity, beauty, elegance, and perfection of nature. It enables people to see the things that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to see or would have simply walked by without notice. It pleases me when something about an image creates a unique connection with the viewer.”

    Jeff became inspired to further pursue photography after friends and family encouraged him to display his work. Since taking that advice, he has been recognized and honored through the region with various awards (See Awards Page).

    Jeff’s ability to shoot macros, landscapes, and wildlife shows his diversity. As with all art forms, each person has their individual interpretation. Jeff’s artistic vision is revealed in each of his captures.

    Currently, Jeff enjoys shooting along Florida’s Emerald Coast and it is the wondrous beauty of the Northwest Florida Coastline that has kept Jeff a local resident. He and his family have lived in Navarre since 1988.

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