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17AH - "Turn to the Light" (LIMITED PRINT)

Well I did it. After 30 years, I retired from my regular job as a Software Engineer.  When I first started my career I was full of passion for the software career field. Software  was somewhat of a new field of engineering. Being very logical, analytical, and creative software was the perfect fit for me. During the first 10 years I absolutely loved it, especially the creative aspect of designing complex software programs. I remember many times while designing and coding up a complex program I would suddenly have an epiphany! I realized by adding some  new software logic, function, or a new bell & whistle that could save many hours of our customer's (or my own) time or simply make the program more robust and reliable - I developed software for military drone command & control systems so reliability translates into safety, which was all important.  I would work on such endeavors day and night, what ever it took, to get the job done... it was truly a passion!  However, after about 10 years of developing software I (somehow) became the department manager and director of software for our company. I slowly and reluctantly veered away from  the technical side of software engineering and played a more administrative role. At first I enjoyed it but eventually that passion disappeared, and constantly dealing with the normal kind of managerial issues took it's toll on me.

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